Coffee Trucks and Trailers


Stoked Roasters Coffee Van by Northwest Mobile Kitchens, coffee vans, coffee trucks, coffee trailersThe Pacific Northwest has long been home to world-class coffee roasters, serving some of the best coffee on the planet. NW Mobile Kitchens has been privileged to work with great local roasters in taking coffee brands mobile. Whether your vision is a sleek Coffee Sprinter Van built to serve urban customers on city streets, or a Coffee Trailer you can park in a prime location – NMK has the experience to design and build the perfect Mobile Coffee Vehicle to meet your dreams.


STOKED Roasters Coffee Sprinter Van, Hood River, OR

NMK designed and built this amazing mobile coffee/espresso van for Hood River, Oregon-based STOKED Roasters. Targeting their brand to endurance athletes, this Mercedes Sprinter will travel across diverse climate zones – from mountain top ski slopes and ocean surfing beaches to desert marathon races, nationwide.
STOKED Roasters Coffee Van by Northwest Mobile Kitchens, coffee trucks, coffee trailers  


FSTOP Cafe Coffee Trailer, Bainbridge Island, WA

NMK converted this vintage 1950 Boles Aero trailer into a classic mobile coffee vending cart for FSTOP Café. It’s now a regular presence at area Farmer Markets and community events on Bainbridge Island, Washington.

F Stop Cafe Coffee Trailer by Northwest Mobile Kitchens, coffee vans, coffee trucks     F Stop Cafe Coffee Trailer by Northwest Mobile Kitchens, coffee vans, coffee trucks


Coffee Truck Dimensions

  • Coffee Truck Interiors are typically 10’ to 14’ Long, 84”+ Wide and 78”+ interior ceiling heights.

Coffee Truck Features

  • WALL & CEILING FINISH: White Aluminum sheeting over plywood & 1″ Polystyrene Insulation, or a variety of alternative options available.
  • PLUMBING SYSTEM:Plumbing Systems are designed to conform with local Health Dept. requirements & installed by a licensed plumber: compact size drop-in 3 compartment sink and compact drop-in Hand Sink mounted in countertop, faucets, Water Pump, electric 7 gal Water Heater, 35 gallon FRESH water tank, 42 gallon GRAY water tank (for 3 comp & hand sink). Separate water system dedicated to Espresso machines includes: 5 gal water jugs with submersible pump, dedicated to espresso machine and portable 7 gal gray water tank.
  • ELECTRICAL SYSTEM:100amp Breaker Box, 30 to 50amp Main Breaker, Ceiling LED Lighting with one wall switch. Outlets and junction boxes as required.
  • AWNING DOOR/SERVICE WINDOWS:(32” H x 36” W, plus custom sizes) w/ Locking Latch Bolts & gas shocks.
  • ENTRY DOOR:rear swing doors.
  • EXTERIOR SERVICE SHELVES:stainless steel sized to customer’s needs.
  • FLOORING OPTIONS:Linoleum or variety of floating floor options available.
    • Generator (propane or gasoline) in sealed metal box w/ exterior access panel.
    Stainless tables, compact storage cabinets.
  • Graphic Wraps & Design Service. 
  • Air Conditioning 
    • Espresso machine, coffee grinders, coffee brewer, under-counter refrigerator, drop-in knock box, stainless steal work table.

*Appliances are selected during NMK Design Phase prior to Food Truck Outfitting, then installed by NMK during the Outfitting Phase.