Food Truck Typical Dimensions & Features


Every NMK Food Truck project includes a unique list of features and materials to meet customer needs. The following typical dimensions and features are offered as a preliminary list for first time Food Truck owners. 

Food Truck Dimensions

  • Kitchen Interiors dimensions: Typically 14’ to 18’ Long, 90” Wide and 84” interior ceiling heights
  • Truck Exterior dimensions: 24’ to 26’ Length 

Food Truck Features

  • WALL & CEILING FINISH: White Aluminum sheeting over plywood & 1″ Polystyrene Insulation
  • EXHAUST SYSTEM: Stainless Steel Exhaust Hood (type 1) and Fan Motor (variable speed,roof mounted, restaurant quality, grease rated)
  • STAINLESS STEEL WALL WRAP (below stainless hood): Over 1/2″ Gypsum Board Fire Barrier below stainless hood
  • PLUMBING SYSTEM: Plumbing System built for class IV Concession Vehicles & installed by a licensed plumber: Stainless Three Compartment Sink, Stainless Hand Sink, faucets, Water Pump, electric 7 gal Water Heater, 35 gallon FRESH water tank, 42 gallon GRAY water tank
  • ELECTRICAL SYSTEM: 100amp Breaker Box, 30 to 50amp Main Breaker, Ceiling LED Lighting with two wall switches, 6 outlets, and 2 junction boxes
  • AWNING DOOR/SERVICE WINDOWS: (42” H x 5’ or 6’ W, plus custom sizes) w/ Locking Latch Bolts & gas shocks
  • ENTRY DOOR: 38″ W X 80″ H, or rear swing doors
  • EXTERIOR SERVICE SHELVES: stainless steel sized to customer’s needs 
  • FLOORING OPTIONS: Aluminum Tread-Plate (Other options available) 
    • Generator (propane or gasoline) in sealed metal box w/ exterior access panel
    • Propane lines and Tanks
    • Fire Suppression – Ansul System
  • Stainless tables
  • Graphic Wraps & Design Service 
  • Air Conditioning 

*Cooking appliances are selected during NMK Design Phase prior to Food Truck Outfitting, then installed by NMK during the Outfitting Phase. 

Our team of experienced designers and builders create industry-leading food trucks for restaurant and food service professionals. See some of our most innovative food truck projects here.



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