We at NMK do not offer our own financing program but we do understand that many businesses starting out require some help to make their dream a reality so we have put together a list of some of the options we know of with a specific eye to lenders that are willing and/or designed to work with Food Trucks and Trailers. We may not offer financing but we are always happy to guide you through the process of finding and acquiring a vehicle or trailer, we understand this can be a complicated step to take on so we are happy to lend our expertise in that area. While we would like to give you a starting off point for your research just remember, NMK has no affiliation with these lenders other than working with some of them in the past and we encourage you to do your own due diligence.

Ford Motor Credit

Did you know that when financing the purchase of a new Ford Truck with Ford Motor Credit you are able to finance the full cost of building out the vehicle into a business venture?! It’s an excellent option in some cases and we have had a few projects utilize this option very successfully in the past. *please note this lender requires pre-approval for all vendors and we have completed that process.

Time Payment Inc

Time Payment Inc is an equipment leasing solution that is friendly to food truck and trailer ventures. They offer the benefit of a very quick preliminary decision so you can know up front whether or not they might be a good fit for you. Those with a credit score over 600 have decent odds of approval and they often run specials such as first 90 days at 0$ which can be a true blessing for a business not yet able to operate while the vehicle is being built out. Also a good option for new ventures that may not have accrued much credit and may be at a disadvantage with a traditional loan. Learn more here. Apply now here. *please note this lender requires pre-approval for all vendors and we have completed that process.

Triton Capitol

Triton Capitol is a lender that specializes in small businesses and is friendly to mobile restaurant businesses. Their approval and funding process is comparatively quick and their rates competitive. They do not require a large down payment like most traditional bank loans and they regularly fund start ups so as long as your personal credit is in decent shape they don’t require any business credit history. Learn more here.

Evergreen Finance and Leasing LLC

Evergreen has a lot to offer small business and start ups with a few different financing strategies to meet you where your business is at. They encourage those with credit scores 550-800 to apply and offer instant approvals so you will have an idea of how to move forward with your plans immediately. We have confirmed they offer their services in Spanish as well. Nosotros tenemos confirmo que ellos ofrecen servicios financial en espanol tambien. Learn more here. *please note this lender requires pre-approval for all vendors and we have completed that process.

Other businesses to consider:

Alliance Funding Group

Innovative Lease Services

Reliant Funding