Food Trucks today are fast becoming a global industry, well-represented in cities and towns throughout the U.S. and around the world. NMK’s custom Food Trucks range in size from 14’ to 18’ interior length and are each uniquely outfitted to fit your brand with comparable standards of a restaurant kitchen. We can even help you meet elevated environmental standards with solar panel installations and high capacity batteries like those from Joule Case. Whether your goal is street food vending or gourmet catering, your menu options and creativity are virtually unlimited.

As the owner of the first Quiznos Foodtruck EVER, I am thrilled with the service that I got from Walt and the team. I got answers and responses quickly, I got a level of expertise that was refreshing and impressive, and I got a beautiful truck that turns heads wherever we go! I really appreciated the clear and concise communication as well as working through supply issues and being creative when we couldn’t source the propane tank that originally we planned for. Our kitchen is amazing and fuel efficient. I got everything that I needed and it was fun being a part of the design process. I’d use this company again in a heartbeat. -Andy Olson


Action Sports Bar & Grill- Kent, Washington

Action Sports is an established thriving business front in Kent Washington that wanted to expand there reach and build a food truck capable of bringing their delicious smoked foods to the masses at events in their area. We had the best time working on this project with them and couldn’t be happier with the end results.

Catskillette- Windham, New York

Catskillette came to us to help bring the dream of a crepe truck to life. This truck gets to live its best food truck life in Central New York serving outdoor enthusiasts and happy families at a variety of rotating locations. We were so pleased to help build out this food truck with all the specialized crepe equipment and custom add ons that our clients required for their perfect workspace.

Dick’s Drive-In- Seattle, Washington

Dick’s Drive-In has been a burger icon in Seattle since 1964. Their new food truck allows Dick’s to reach customers outside of their brick-and-mortar locations – at events and pop-up locations.


Alaska Weathervane Seafoods- Seattle, Washington

Alaska-Weathervane-Seafood-Food-Cart-Exterior Alaska-Weathervane-Seafood-Food-Cart-InteriorWith three 100 foot fishing boats off the coast of Alaska, this company hauls in 250,000 lbs of fresh ocean scallops per year to serve out of their new food truck. NMK got to sample their amazing scallop tacos before they pulled out of the parking lot!


Bon Appetit Management Company- Hillsboro, Oregon

Northwest Mobile Kitchens Custom Food Truck Design for Bon Appetit Management Company Northwest Mobile Kitchens Custom Food Truck Design for Bon Appetit Management CompanyBon Appetit is an on-site restaurant company offering full food service management to corporations, universities and museums in 32 states. BAMCO originally hired NMK to design and build a full service catering truck to do both street vending and catering in Seattle. The Food Truck was later moved to the Intel Campus in Hillsboro, where it now performs the same function for Intel’s employees.


Now Make Me A Sandwich- Seattle, Washington

Northwest Mobile Kitchens Custom Food Truck Design for Now Make Me A Sandwich Northwest Mobile Kitchens Custom Food Truck Design for Now Make Me A SandwichThis Seattle food business wanted a truck that could move easily between locations and turn out great-tasting hot sandwiches. Our custom food truck design and build out gave owner Ryan O’Toole and his three-person crew just the right Food Truck he needed to serve crowds and long lines throughout downtown Seattle in changing locations. Visit online.

Napkin Friends- Seattle, Washington

Northwest Mobile Kitchens Custom Food Truck Design for Napkin Friends Northwest Mobile Kitchens Custom Food Truck Design for Napkin Friends

Napkin Friends owner Jonny Silverberg approached NMK for a Food Truck design to bring his innovative menu, featuring latke press sandwiches, to the streets of Seattle and to catered events. The result was a smart and simple ‘Hoodless Food Truck’ with a totally unique menu that was wisely designed to make use of a commissary kitchen for major food prep work. Visit to learn more about Seattle’s first Jewish Food Truck.


Food Truck Dimensions

  • Kitchen Interiors dimensions: Typically 14’ to 18’ Long, 90” Wide and 84” interior ceiling heights
  • Truck Exterior dimensions: 24’ to 26’ Length

Food Truck Features

  • WALL & CEILING FINISH: White Aluminum sheeting over plywood & 1″ Polystyrene Insulation
  • EXHAUST SYSTEM: Stainless Steel Exhaust Hood (type 1) and Fan Motor (variable speed,roof mounted, restaurant quality, grease rated)
  • STAINLESS STEEL WALL WRAP (below stainless hood): Over 1/2″ Gypsum Board Fire Barrier below stainless hood
  • PLUMBING SYSTEM: Plumbing System built for class IV Concession Vehicles & installed by a licensed plumber: Stainless Three Compartment Sink, Stainless Hand Sink, faucets, Water Pump, electric 7 gal Water Heater, 35 gallon FRESH water tank, 42 gallon GRAY water tank
  • ELECTRICAL SYSTEM: 100amp Breaker Box, 30 to 50amp Main Breaker, Ceiling LED Lighting with two wall switches, 6 outlets, and 2 junction boxes
  • AWNING DOOR/SERVICE WINDOWS: (42” H x 5’ or 6’ W, plus custom sizes) w/ Locking Latch Bolts & gas shocks
  • ENTRY DOOR: 38″ W X 80″ H, or rear swing doors
  • EXTERIOR SERVICE SHELVES: stainless steel sized to customer’s needs
  • FLOORING OPTIONS: Aluminum Tread-Plate (Other options available)
    • Generator (propane or gasoline) in sealed metal box w/ exterior access panel
    • Propane lines and Tanks
    • Fire Suppression – Ansul System
  • Stainless tables
  • Graphic Wraps & Design Service 
  • Air Conditioning 

*Cooking appliances are selected during NMK Design Phase prior to Food Truck Outfitting, then installed by NMK during the Outfitting Phase.