NMK Testimonials


NMK did a food truck me back in 2012. I happy to report we use the truck every day and it’s still going strong and making money. My experience with NMK was great. They were on time, on budget and very thorough. Wouldn’t hesitate to use them again.

-Ryan O.

I hired Rich and Northwest Mobile Kitchens to build my food truck Napkin Friends. Rich and Northwest Mobile Kitchens did an exceptional job helping turning my dream of owning my own food truck into a reality. From start to finish, Northwest Mobile Kitchens, made the process of buying, designing, L&I approval, and building my truck an enjoyable experience. Knowing that Rich was there to answer any questions I had whenever I had them helped keep my stress levels low. Their professional work speaks for itself. The craftsmanship they showed through the process of building my truck, Napkin Friends, gives me the confidence that my truck will operate effectively and consistently in Seattle. Anyone looking to build a food truck or cart would be wise to use Northwest Mobile Kitchen.

-Jonathan S.

We were the inaugural Food Truck by NMK. The My Chef Lynn truck was the first to be built to meet or exceed industry standards. Rich Ziedman quickly grasped that what we wanted was exception and to create an exceptional truck kitchen from an 20 year old horse tack shop truck. There were many challenges along the way to expedite our plans, however Rich met every one of them with his team perfectly. I recall the amount of L and I inspectors (8) on the MCL…they had grabbed every inspector available to see a truck built correctly. It was one of my proudest moments! NMK saw us through from the beginning of our dream and still checks in regularly to see and hear how we are. It’s been three years of teamwork and a FABULOUS experience. I can call Rich in any circumstance and he is quick to respond to any truck challenge that I am facing. My Chef Lynn recommends Northwest Mobile Kitchens without hesitation to all who want to tour the The MCL and they have come from Canada and as far as Florida to see her! Im so proud of this Seattle based truck that we have an open door policy, anyone anytime is welcome aboard to inspect her, some do go on to NMK to build their own dream truck based on the work NMK executed.

-Executive Chef/Owner Lynn Rehn

We needed an unique solution for our specialty cheese client and Rich was able to help us with a smart end to end solution. NMK crafted a sprinter van into a mobile cheese sampling hit with consumers and retailers! Rich and his team are experts and provided complete solutions for our needs, we can’t wait for the next opportunity to work with Northwest Mobile Kitchens.

-Steve M.

Rich and team at Northwest Mobile Kitchens delivered a miracle! Based in California it was difficult to not oversee the buildout of our food truck, but with Rich’s expertise and experienced staff, I felt as if I was practically there the whole time. Feedback was given in realtime and I was included in the decision process each step of the way. This review is well overdue as we are approaching our fourth year of operation and I am grateful for choosing Rich and Northwest Mobile Kitchens. I have and will continue to recommend Northwest Mobile Kitchens to anyone looking to build or create a Mobile food business.

-Chef John McConnell

I decided to work with NMK when opening my second location for Garden State. They did not disappoint. It was about as well planned as could be from both a timeline and cost perspective. They were very accommodating to my needs for equipment of unusual sizes, and Rich was often available to help me troubleshoot the tankless water heater that I badgered him for. At the same time, he was very clear about telling me what he wouldn’t do, which never put me off, because we’re all professionals here. If I were to do it all over again, I wouldn’t even call anyone else.

-Kevin S.